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I cry at emotional weddings...  I've learned to photograph through the tears because that moment when I'm so absorbed is what inspires the evocative pictures.  I laugh at the funny moments too. Like that time when the officiant performed the ceremony with the best imitation from The Princess Bride  "Marrwiage, marrwiage is what bwings us togethwer".  Then the tears were from laughing so hard and yes those moments are inspiring too.  I'm excited when my couples have beautiful, unique details or a meaningful location because it adds to the elements that make a beautiful picture but without the engagement with each other and with friends and family its just a pretty picture.  The connections and transformations that layer over the beautiful details and settings are the reasons that I still love weddings 8 years after my first.  


You've spent hours planning your wedding choosing the details and a setting that best reflect you. You've invited the most important people in your life.  Now you want to be there with your friends and family.  You want to spend the moments just before you walk down the aisle with your dad as you prepare for when your partner sees you for the first time in your perfect dress.  You want to clink glassses with your best friends from college at your cocktail hour.  (It can happen ask me how.)  But most importantly when you look back at the pictures you want to remember that hug your dad gave you just before you walked down the aisle.  You want to remember the cute kid that made everyone laugh when she interrupted the ceremony to say too loudly that the bride is beautiful and the funny toast the best man gave that made you cry...  If you want you're wedding pictures to remind you how you felt on your wedding day... Contact me and see if we can make that happen, together.